Failure is everywhere!

It doesn't matter who you are, where you live or what industry you work in, failure effects us all.

Many people are afraid of failing, but it's not something we should fear, it's something we should embrace. Looking back through history you can see that all the greatest advancements were achieved through failures.

Thomas Edison said it best. After prodding from a reporter, he said "I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps". was created as a way to show entrepreneurs (or anybody really) that no matter what obstacles are staring you down, that you can get through it. Sometimes we just need some inspiration and by talking to people in different industries about how they've overcome different failures in their careers, I hope that we can push others over their hump and drive them to their own successes.

Fail fast, fail forward, I believe in you!

Who is Kray?

Kray Headshot

He's pulled cable at the Junos, wrangled singers for Canadian Idol, configured edit suites for feature films and implemented websites for companies of all sizes. He's designed for print, directed short films and provided solutions for everything from email to ecommerce and PCI Compliance. Kray's passion for design and user experience, paired with his highly technical background, has allowed him to work in many exciting positions throughout the years.

As an IT Manager he assisted in growing one of Western Canadas largest entertainment production companies from 20 to over 60 employees in a few short years. He not only assessed, implemented and maintained major technological advancements but he also provided web and print design services. He even wrote, produced and directed multiple segments for the nationally syndicated TKO (Technical Knockout) series (No longer running).

As a consultant, he has designed and implemented hundreds of websites for clients in all areas of business. He wrote, directed and produced a documentary on computer piracy in Canada and a short film that was the first to use iTunes Podcasting for distribution. He has reshaped processes and introduced cost savings through the use of technology.

Powered by dedication, passion and failure.

A project by @kraymitchell