Episode 14

Bernard Robichaud Headshot

Bernard Robichaud


Recorded: September 25/2018

Boston-born, Canadian-based, actor, writer and comic, Bernard Robichaud, known to fans worldwide as Cyrus, the gun toting, drug dealing nemesis from the hit television series Trailer Park Boys, started his life in the spotlight as a sought after model.

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Episode 13

Jen Brown Headshot

Jen Brown

The Engaging Educator

Aired: August 13/2018

Jen Oleniczak Brown is the Founder of The Engaging Educator, a women-owned and operated company dedicated to helping women find their unapologetic, authentic and best voice, style and self through improv-based education. A firm believer in the idea of Yes, And, Jen's mission is to empower as many women as possible to stop playing small and know their incredible supernova powers.

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Episode 12

John "Chocolate Johnny" Kapos Headshot


Chocolatier & SMB Consultant
Perfection Chocolates

Aired: July 16/2018

John Kapos A.K.A. Chocolate Johnny is a 3rd generation chocolatier and owner of Perfection Chocolates and Sweets, an independent bricks and mortar business based in Sydney, Australia. John is an early adopter of the online world. He consistently keeps up with the latest trends and developments in social media and small business, one thing is that he knows how to convert that into business success.

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Episode 11

Grant Harvey Headshot

Grant Harvey

Combustion Inc.

Aired: June 11/2018

Grant has been directing and producing film and television professionally for over twenty-five years. Grant’s most recent projects include A Christmas Horror Story, and the documentary Balletlujah for the CBC about Alberta Ballet’s collaboration with K.D. Lang. He produced and directed Ginger Snaps: The Beginning for Lion’s Gate Entertainment, a prequel to the highly successful Ginger Snaps film. Grant has also directed five movies for the Lifetime USA network and has directed over fifty hours of episodic television, including Orphan Black, 12 Monkeys, Helix, Beauty and the Beast, X-Company and Haven.

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Episode 10

Michael Dash Headshot

Michael Dash

President & CEO
Parallel HR

Aired: May 14/2018

Michael is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, coach, and philanthropist. He has had a collection of unique experiences from “chasing the high” with his prior gambling addiction to overcoming adversity through legal battles with former business partners. Despite these challenges, Michael persevered and built Parallel HR, a thriving business bringing in $5+ million dollars in revenue each year.

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