Episode 4

Nicole Rustad Headshot

Nicole Rustad

Founder & Chief Impact Officer

Aired: November 6/2017

Nicole Rustad is the founder of Vortovia, and a champion for world change who consults to businesses, non-profits, and individuals who are committed to making real impact. Formerly she was the Corporate Citizenship Director for Disney Interactive, driving the corporate social responsibility vision, strategy, and programs across multiple lines of business.

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Episode 3

Michael Perry Headshot

Michael Perry

Director of Kit and Product

Aired: October 10/2017

Michael is the Director of Kit and Product at Shopify. A serial entrepreneur, Perry was named one of Forbes Top 30 under 30 in marketing and advertising. He continues to build the future of employment for small business owners.

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Episode 2

Kylie Woods Headshot

Kylie Woods

Founder & Executive Director
The Chic Geek

Aired: September 11/2017

Kylie started the Chic Geek because she wanted to see more women celebrate technology and discover their inner nerd. With a background in public relations and branding, and a passion for startups, Kylie guides the strategic vision of Chic Geek.

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Episode 1

Nikita Prokhorov Headshot

Nikita Prokhorov

Graphic Designer
Nikita Prokhorov Graphic Design

Aired: August 25/2017

Known as much for his puns as his design work, Nikita is a graphic designer living in New York. He specializes in hand lettering, logo design and ambigrams. In fact, he literally wrote the book on ambigrams!

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