Episode 2

Kylie Woods Headshot

Kylie Woods

Founder & Executive Director
The Chic Geek

Aired: September 11/2017

Kylie started the Chic Geek because she wanted to see more women celebrate technology and discover their inner nerd. With a background in public relations and branding, and a passion for startups, Kylie guides the strategic vision of Chic Geek.

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Episode 1

Nikita Prokhorov Headshot

Nikita Prokhorov

Graphic Designer
Nikita Prokhorov Graphic Design

Aired: August 25/2017

Known as much for his puns as his design work, Nikita is a graphic designer living in New York. He specializes in hand lettering, logo design and ambigrams. In fact, he literally wrote the book on ambigrams!

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